Prada is such a sweety pie. How can you look into those big black pools for eyes and not be wrapped around her little finger? Her eyes are so soulful and gentle just like she is, except for when she is chasing birds, rabbits, cows and horses! She loves to chase and run, and run. She is very energetic, extremely fit and fast, for such a stocky girl. But she loves to laze around in the sun, even when its 38 degrees! Prada just loves to be near you and is always at our feet whether we are on the lounge watching tv or at the dining room table eating. She is never pushy, but very polite and if she wants a pat, she very gently paws you with one of her front feet until you give in and rub her belly. She is the quiet achiever, never in your face, but sitting, waiting calmly and patiently. She loves the show ring, has a lovely head and a beautiful topline. She is a gorgeous dark brindle, following in her mums footsteps and keeping the winning Anmenta brindle tradition going. There aren’t a lot of brindles around, especially in the show ring but Prada does her utmost to persuade everyone that brindle is the original and best! Many people have commented that they don’t like the brindles, but once they meet Prada in the flesh, they soon change their minds. How can you resist such a face? Unfortunately Prada has been overshadowed in the ring by her fawn sister, but has still notched up some good results. It is very difficult for a good brindle to make it’s mark when you are constantly competing against the most popular colour, fawn and a lot of judges don’t get to see brindles. One of our aims here at Anmenta, is to produce top quality brindles that can go into the showring and be seen by judges. The only way to educate, is to get more brindles out there and competing. We are hoping that Prada’s progeny will do that. Once you’ve had black, you’ll never go back!! Whilst motherhood is not Prada’s favourite occupation, she has blessed us with some lovely puppies. Including two champions in New Zealand from her second litter. She’s not too keen on the puppies when they are first born, she finds the whole birthing thing quite messy and distasteful, living up to her designer name. Once they are on solid foods, then she likes them a whole lot more and mothers them. Retired from the showring now and desexed, she just likes to hang around with sister Phoebe (they do everything together) and generally be a big sook! Prada is a very special girl and we love her to pieces.

Gone but never forgotten, our black beauty is dearly missed.
    Sire : Supreme Grand Ch. Anmenta Blonde Ambition S: Grand Ch. Oldworld Sampson S: Aust Ch. Treebrook Raywood
D: Aust Ch. Oldworld Shady Ladyhawke
D: Aust Ch. Boadicea Just You Bet S: Aust Ch. Powerbulmas Didtagain
D: Aust Ch. Boadicea Who is Sylvia
    Dam : Aust Ch. Anmenta Zulu Queen S: Aust Ch. Blackslate’s Boston Blend (Imp USA) S: Blackslate’s Hot Shot (USA)
D: Seminole Forever Blackslate (USA)
D: Aust Ch. Boadicea Just You Bet S: Aust Ch. Powerbulmas Diditagain
D: Aust Ch. Boadicea Who is Sylvia
All Breeds Shows
  • 2 x Baby Puppy in Group (at her first 2 shows!)

    Other Awards
  • Opposite Australian Bred of the Year BMCQLD Pointscore 2009
Bullmastiff Specialty Shows
  • 3rd place Open bitch class 5th National Bullmastiff Specialty 2011 Critique from breed specialist Mary-Barbara Walsh (USA) “Typey brindle girl with good headpiece. Good bone and substance. Good topline, less angulated in the rear.”
  • 4th Place Australian bred bitch class BMCNSW – September 2010 under Critique from breed specialist Helene Neitsch (USA) “apparently just had a litter of puppies but a nice pretty colour brindle with a nice head”
  • 3rd place Australian bred bitch class BMCQLD Championship Show 2010 Critique from breed specialist Barry Marion (SA) “Overall a nice sized bitch that moved well. Good type. Head is a good size with acceptable eye colour, good earset, nice stop and a very good front.”
  • Runner Up to Best In Show – Bullmastiff Club of Qld Open Show 2010 (behind her father Ace who won Best In Show)
  • Best Brindle – Bullmastiff Club of VIC – October 2009
  • Best Brindle – Bullmastiff Club of Qld – June, 2009
  • Opposite Australian Bred in Show – BMCQLD Championship & Open Shows 2009
  • 3rd Place Puppy Bitch Class  – 4th National Bullmastiff Specialty 2008 (her 2 sisters beating her for 1st and 2nd). Critique from breed specialist judge Mr B. Brittle (UK) “A really strong head on this brindle sister to 1 and 2. Once again, well made overall and with good balance and type. A very nice quality pup that has bags of potential.”
  • 3rd Place Minor Puppy Bitch Class – Bullmastiff Club of NSW Championship Show, March 2008 Critique from breed specialist judge Ms. C. Wright (VIC) “Another lovely coloured brindle, probably the best head of the three. Good body proportions height to length, a little shorter in neck than first and second bitches.”
5 weeks
8 weeks
10 weeks
with poppy Ace
5 months
10 months
on the move in the showring
sunning herself by the pool, 3 years old
5 years old
Prada in her favourite place and position!
Phoebe and Prada do everything together
Phoebe and Prada on their 7th birthday